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Basic Python for Geoscience

In this course your learners will learn basic Python syntax and some of the foundation libraries for modern geoscience. All instruction takes place in Jupyter notebooks.

  • Jupyter notebooks

  • Variables, for, while loops

  • Numpy basics

  • Reading data with Pandas

  • Plotting line, scatter, and image plots with matplotlib

  • Getting data from IRIS with ObsPy

  • Seismogram filtering and plotting with ObsPy

Hardware Basics

We offer custom hardware solutions for any problem, but this course will enable your learners to design and setup basic data acquisition systems with fundamental explanations of electronics principles and basic micro-controller exposure.

  • Voltage, current, and resistance

  • Transducer types and basics

  • Signal conditioning

  • Analog to digital conversion

  • Digital to analog conversion

  • Types of hardware construction

  • Arduino sensor readings

  • Overview of intermediate topics

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Expensive? Not compared to the money and time your group can save with the skills learned during the course. We will charge a 5 student minimum and are happy to discuss pricing for custom course content. Discounts are available for educational institutions!

Basic Python for Geoscience (2 days) $500 ea.
Hardware Basics (2 days, includes hardware kit) $750 ea.
Hack Day (1-2 days, we help with your projects!) $200 ea./day