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Matthew Kumjian

Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University

"Working with John was great! He provided some recommendations for how to proceed with the project, and sent some example images of my different filament options for the print. The project was on time and on budget. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, John definitely did! The final product is even better than I was expecting. It was shipped quickly and professionally packaged. I highly recommend Leeman Geophysical for your projects!"


Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Professor, The Pennsylvania State University

"Thanks so much for your active and creative contribution to our geopebble project.  We have tried two or three different ways to securely mount our board in the case and each had some flaw.  You and I chatted and came up with a couple of ideas - then you quickly made prototypes and we iterated until we had a simple and inexpensive solution.  This has been a real headache for me and your work has really solved it.  Once I gave you the go-ahead you made the pieces for the brace quickly."


Amanda Acevedo

Vedo Systems, LLC

"John’s expertise in geophysics, numerical modeling and instrumentation make him an incredibly unique team member.  He can readily step into a complex project and not simply work a single aspect of the problem but instead, he can cut across the project ensuring the team winds up with a truly integrated solution.

Equally impressive as his technical expertise is John’s ability to jump into a team and quickly build great relationships with peers and leadership. John quickly became a “go to” team member because he was a great problem solver but more importantly, because his team approach was deeply valued across the board.

John’s contributions to our project far surpassed what I had expected. His work both on his deliverables and his extra efforts to ensure integration was seamless allowed us to maximize resources, significantly lowering the total cost for the project and ensuring we completed on schedule.

I highly recommend John to any team who needs deep expertise in software, numerical modeling or geophysics from an individual who enjoys working on a team and exceeding expectations.

I give my highest recommendation for John and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future."


Pete Marchetto

Assistant Professor, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota

"Leeman Geophysical allowed me to get my load cell data in the easiest way imaginable with their dual instrumentation amplifier board. The board itself is a great design, with extremely high common-mode noise rejection, and incredibly easy setup, with just a few connections to be made to power, input, and output leads. Furthermore, their BME280 breakout board, the first I’d seen on the market, remains, in my opinion, the best way of getting barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity out of one chip. Any time that I had any questions, they were extremely responsive, as well as eager for feedback on anything that could be made better in their products. One could not ask for more from a custom instrumentation and consulting firm."


Jacques Riviere

Postdoctoral Fellow, Université Grenoble Alpes  

"Always a good idea to talk to John before starting your project. He has a ton of experience and strong expertise in computing/designing/instrumentation/and much more. I needed a sample holder with some particular dimensions for an acoustic experiment. He came back the day after with the right piece: he had 3D-printed it overnight with all the dimensions I needed."

Shannon Dulin

Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma  

"When we needed a better way to measure samples in our magnetometer, John at Leeman Geophysical came through in a big way. He not only made a new sample holder attachment for our machine but we also devised a quick and easy interchangeable system so that we can measure different sizes of core as well as cubed samples. The parts integrated nicely onto our old machine and work quite well. I look forward to working with Leeman Geophysical with our other laboratory equipment needs! John delivers quality products in a timely manner with lots of attention to the specific needs of our laboratory. "

Gerhard Heij

PhD Student, University of Oklahoma  

"We contracted Leeman Geophysical to build a specialized double walled teflon well for magnetic experiments and we are very pleased with the parts and service he provided. John provided us with a functional design that allows a very tricky experiment to run smoothly. Despite working with challenging material, he was able to mill the parts to our exact specifications. John works in a timely manner and keeps in touch with you throughout the entire process."