Tilt measurement solutions are used in a wide variety of settings from structural monitoring, to equipment control, to geophysical monitoring. The PTM100 line can be customized to meet your needs from large measurement ranges to ultra high resolution. Instrument outputs can be configured to meet that needs of your system with logic level or RS232 models available as well as customer data conversion tools to telemeter data as a DC voltage or current signal. Data may be output at 1 or 10 Hz with other configureable parameters in the instrument's menu.


Our tilt meters are available with resolutions as low as 0.1 µradians (0.0000057 degrees)! Tilt meters are calibrated for temperature scale offsets and null offsets in our thermal calibration lab and are within calibration from -40 Celsius to +40 Celsius. Depending on your application different sense elements may be available to optimize your precision/range and cost. We can also service, recalibrate, and modify your unit to meet your needs.

Low Power

Nobody likes wasting power, but it's vital in remote locations to operate on a tight power budget. When the PTM100 is on, it draws approximately 0.32 W making it ideal for battery/solar based deployments.


The PTM100 cases are made from solid aluminium. The parts are then anodized for enhanced corrosion resistance. All case piercings are sealed and the entire unit is rated to the IP67 standard. There's no need to enclose the unit for outdoor operations! The high quality instrument cable remains flexible at low temperatures and is UV resistant. It also makes a weather tight connection to your logging or telemetry hardware.


The PTM100 was designed with modular sensing elements, motherboard, and surge protection hardware. If a surge occurs, it is very likely that an inexpensive surge protection replacement will get your PTM100 up and running again without need to replace the expensive processing hardware.