Software from desktop applications to embedded control


Using bad software can ruin a project. Poor user interfaces, clunky data communications, and indecipherable data visualization seem to be hallmarks of geophysical software. We can create applications to solve your problem, be it hardware interfacing and control, data processing, or real-time data dashboards. We embrace the goal of producing great and easy-to-use software that allows your team to get on with your work and always have reproducible and documented solutions.



You can have faith in our skills. In addition to an open portfolio of work in different programming languages, we are proud to offer LabView services from John, a Certified LabView Developer.


The work of a geophysicist or engineer isn't tied to a single operating system or platform. Neither are we. We can write applications that run across computer operating systems or write embedded software to run on micro-controllers inside your next instrument or field device!


Computers are capable of generating great results, but they can just as easily generate false and misleading predictions. We embrace test-driven development to ensure that our software is continually checked and rechecked against known problems. This essential practice helps keep our code and devices functioning with high reliability.